Recommended Reading

Please note: Some prominent anti-porn feminists also disapprove of transgenderism. Some of the materials recommended may also contain works by feminists expressing anti-trans views. They do not represent the positions of Not For Sale as an organization.


Female Chauvinist Pigs
Against Pornography: The Evidence of Harm
Making Violence Sexy: Feminist Views on Pornography
Being Heard: The Experiences of Young Women in Prostitution
Without a Net: The Female Experience of Growing Up Working Class
In Harm’s Way: The Pornography Civil Rights Hearings
Take Back the Night
Rent Girl
Transforming a Rape Culture
Prostitution, Trafficking, and Traumatic Stress
Listening to Olivia: Violence, Poverty, and Prostitution
Female Sexual Slavery
Pornography: Driving the Demand in International Sex Trafficking
Not For Sale: Feminists Resisting Prostitution and Pornography
Against Our Will: Men, Women, And Rape
Getting Off: Pornography and the End Of Masculinity
Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality


Trivia: Voices of Feminism
Sinister Wisdom: A Multicultural Journal By and For Lesbians
Rain and Thunder: Journal of Feminist Discussion and Activism
Said It: Feminist News Culture and Politics

Online Articles

Porn as Power, A Fallacy of Liberation
Making Women’s Place Explicit: Pornography, Violence, and the Internet
A Rough Trade
Pornography is a Left Issue
Barely Tolerable: The Young Models in the Hustler Club Ads
Cashing In On Porn Boom
How To Get An Activist Movement To Keep Women In Prostitution
The Situation With Prostitution And Trafficking of Women and Girls in Estonia
Pushing Porn on DVD
The Traffic in Women
Silicone Valley: Porn Goes Public
New Rights For Dutch Prostitutes, But No Gain
Ex-Prostitutes Say South Korea And US Enable Sex Trade Near Bases
Exposure to Pornography As a Cause of Child Sexual Vicimization
‘It’s Abuse And A Life Of Hell
Not In My Daughter’s Name
The Demand For Victims
‘I Was Seen As An Object, Not A Person’
Burlesque is Bullshit
Bodies Across Borders
How Women in Prostitution See Themselves And Explain Their Motivations
Why Do Men Buy Sex?
Racism in The Sex Trade in Finland


The Price of Pleasure
Very Young Girls
Working Girls
Chicken Ranch
Broken Mirrors
Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography
Born Into Brothels
The F-Files
Shelley Lubben Speaks Out Against The Porn Industry
JohnTV Interviews Angel ‘Star’
JohnTV Interviews Mary
JohnTV Interview With Kathleen
JohnTV Interview With ‘Fire’
Gail Dines’ Opening Remarks to The National Conference on Pornography and Pop Culture 2007
Anti-Porn Flasher
Feminism and Prostitution: Logical Fallacies
Feminism and Prostitution: Categories
Feminism and Prostitution: A Passion For Sandwiches
Feminism and Prostitution: Faux Pas
Feminism and Prostitution: What’s Best For Loggers?
Feminism and Prostitution: Exploitation-Positive
Ariel Levy on Playboy and Sexuality
Ariel Levy on Girls Gone Wild
20/20 Prostitution in America
Making of a Girl

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