Please note: Some prominent anti-porn feminists also disapprove of transgenderism. Some of the materials recommended may also contain works by feminists expressing anti-trans views. They do not represent the positions of Not For Sale as an organization.

Always Causing Legal Unrest
Always Causing Legal Unrest Documents the conservative misogynist actions of the American Civil Liberties Union, a group which devotes an enormous amount of time and resources to defending their backers in the porn industry.

Andrea Dworkin Online Library
Website containing the works of the much-maligned former prostitute turned anti-exploitation crusader, Andrea Dworkin.

Captive Daughters

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

Diana Russell
Diana Russell writes clearly and eloquently about the harms of prostitution to those engaged in it, to users, and to women in general.

Donna Hughes


Emma Goldman

Female Focus Initiative
The Female Focus Initiative is a re-entry program in the Boston area which focuses specifically on court-involved and at-risk adolescent girls.

Finex House
Finex House is a battered women’s shelter for women and their children in the Boston area. Finex house specializes in helping women who would otherwise fall through or have fallen through the cracks in the system.

Gabriella Network



Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women

Hustling The Left
Hustling The Left is Nikki Craft’s webpage about the real Larry Flynt, a sadistic racist woman-hater who raped his daughter.


The Kim Project
The Kim Project is an organization in the Boston area dedicated to improving the lives of women in prostitution and to helping them to leave.

Kirsten Anderburg

Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation

Matahari/Eye of the Day
Matahari is an anti-trafficking organization in the Boston area.

Nikki Craft

No Porn Northampton
No Porn Northampton is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the harms of pornography and to fighting it locally in Northampton Mass.

Nordic Gender Institute


One Angry Girl provides information about the harms of pornography.

Our Voices Matter
Our Voices Matter is a website which takes testimony from women who have been harmed by pornography and prostitution.

Polaris Project

Prostitution Research and Education
Melissa Farley has an enormous number of studies available on her website about prostitution and pornography.

Rape Crisis Scotland


The Sage Project

Shared Hope

Stop Demand

Stop Porn Culture
StopPornCulture! is dedicated to challenging the pornography industry and an increasingly pornographic pop culture.

Susan Brownmiller

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter

X-PALSS is Ex-Prostitutes Against Legalized Sexual Servitude. They’re located in Vancouver, Canada. Check out what they have to say about the possible building of a legal brothel for the Olympics!

Women’s Institute For Freedom of the Press

Women’s Support Project

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